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Elena Powers Atma Nirbharta in Satellite Based Navigation

Lt Col VS Velan CTO, Elena Geo Systems explains the details in an interview with Brig SK Chatterji Editor. Bharatshakti.in


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We are happy to inform you that our company has been adjudged as "The Most Admired Companies of the year 2021" by The Enterprise World magazine. This was published on 24 Aug 2021.

"With the huge demand, there are many players in the navigation solutions industry but no other like Elena Geo Systems. Elena Geo Systems is the only NavIC based navigation solutions providing company in India. Incepted in 2012, Elena Geo Systems is a niche that provides ultra-tech navigation solutions to its customers to boost up the monitoring and tracking process. The founder Lt Col V Shanmugavelan is the backbone behind Elena Geo Systems’ long-standing success."
In the beginning, Elena was a technology start-up company, focusing on the development of products. Then, they gradually became innovators, providing monitoring solutions to the end-users through their innovation. Today, Elena Geo Systems is a leader in NavIC-based monitoring solutions.

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Elena Geo Systems – ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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Says ISO Auditor Mr Vignessh J

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June 2021 The Enterprise World Recognized
“ Elena Geo Systems “
“ The Best Of 5 GPS Tracking Solution Providers In 2021 ”

Elena Geo Systems, a leading navigation company is transforming Indian businesses by enabling them to use ‘Atmanirbhar’ navigation system through their highly innovative hardware, software, applications, and systems.

GPS is in every field today. It is used in almost all walks of life. We expect that NavIC which is suitable for the Indian region will get adapted similarly.

Lt Col V S Velan

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Vehicle Tracking “ The Navigator for Enterprise Solutions”

December 2020 Cio Review India Recognized
“ Elena Geo Systems “
“ Most Promising Vehicle Tracking Solution Providers 2020 ”

One such company that has an advantage in this sector with commercially available full NavIC processor systems is Bangalore based Elena Geo Systems. Curently Elena is the only Indian company to operate in this domain, offering NavIc L5 and S-Band signal-based hardware. Elena has developed GNSS based monitoring solutions for the Asian region through its research and development.

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Interview of Lt Col V S Velan by Brig S K Chaterjee of Bharath Shakti

" Atmanirbharata in Satellite Based Navigation"

India took a long step forward in Atmanirbharata through its satellite Based Navigation Capabilities by operationalising IRNSS/NavIC system. This system could replace GPS of the US. Its S-Band transmission is unique and is very suitable for Equatorial region.
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