Tracking Server

The tracking server has been written ground-up keeping in mind that it will be the core of the tracking system where men, material and vehicles will be seen in one common platform. It uses telematics principles to provide simultaneous and delay free tracking to the users. It uses special algorithms required for the Indian users and Indian Terrain. The tracking server is different for each of the applications, for example the School Bus Management Systems uses a different server than the normal vehicle tracking system at the same time the core functionalities are the same. Another version handles only the map data and is aptly called the map server. Elena is able to provide such variations through its highly qualified development team.

  • Dedicated servers for different applications.
  • Cloud based, enables access from around the world.
  • Real time tracking, can be used for real time coordination.
  • Can exchange data with other servers like the corporate SAP server.
  • Alerts can be routed to other networks like police network.
  • Hierarchical access to the vehicles, multiple simultaneous viewing.
  • Has extensive collection of reports including user customizable report generation.